The government is working on the economic slowdown.

Union of Chambers calls on government
to take action on economic slowdown

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Costa Rican Union of Chambers expressed its concern about the economic slowdown and the fiscal crisis in which Costa Rica is immersed, after the revelations of the State of the Nation.

The Chamber called on the leaders of the government to recognize the urgency of reactivating the economy, with a series of proposals and alternatives that would allow Costa Rica to have a more competitive country.

The first item for the Chamber is the passage of the Law of Strengthening Public Finances which should help contain the fiscal situation.

The Chamber also recommends the implementation and development of a real strategy for simplification of procedures and regulatory improvement in order for the nation to have an optimal and reliable business climate.

Gonzalo Delgado, president of the Chamber, stated that the data in the report on Tuesday shows us what we expected and “why it is urgent to resolve the situation in the country.”

He added that the country had been growing at a rate of 4 percent, but that “the projection of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) tells us that, if anything, it will reach 3.2 percent, which shows us an un-optimistic path, if we do not take immediate actions.”

One fact that emerges from the report and that is relevant for the Union of Chambers is the increase in the loss of employment in the last 20 years, with about 30 thousand fewer jobs.

“If we start producing in this country we will reduce the unemployment figures, because a stagnant economy does not produce income for companies, neither for people, nor for the treasury,” said Delgado.

He said that the productive sector is committed to supporting formal companies and entrepreneurship, especially that with a gender perspective. The Chamber signed the Win-Win partnership to include more women in the labor sector.”

The Chamber presented a series of topics to generate greater competitiveness and therefore reactivate the economy at the beginning of the current administration.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo

The Chamber called on the leaders of the government to recognize the urgency of reactivating the economy.

Among those proposals are:

• Law to regulate Teleworking.
• Update the work days.
• Regulate the accumulated day.
• Promote dual training.
• The Law of Electric Contingency.
• Merge and unify government organizations.
• Accelerate bureaucratic procedures to make the country more efficient.
• Issue an Executive Decree that gives a guideline to the entire government to comply with the principle of efficiency, economy, and efficiency in public procurement.
• Set electricity export goals and apply the revenues to reduce the tariffs of the productive sector.

“Costa Rica must be ordered and set on safer paths in the fiscal balance,” said Delgado and added that the nation must “curb state spending, promote the digitalization of the state and its institutions in all transactions, as well as support small and medium-sized companies in this process, as well as betting on a single pension scheme and controlling salary bonuses.”

The Costa Rican Union of Chambers is a non-profit organization that groups and represents the Costa Rican private business organizations belonging to the productive sectors of greater economic dynamism in the country such as the Agricultural sector, Trade, Industry, Services, and Tourism.

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