Great news for Costa Rica from Trip Advisor.

Costa Rica is the best destination for touristic experiences.

American Expatriate Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s beaches, volcanoes and forests gave it the title of the best destination in the world for touristic experiences.

The country ranks first in a ranking made by TripAdvisor, the travel planning and booking website, which usually recognizes the best places in the world for travelers to conduct tours, activities and local experiences, based on ratings and reviews made on the site.

New Zealand, is in second place among the best countries; while Vietnam is in third place.

La Fortuna de San Carlos was also selected as the best destination with experiences such as walks through the Arenal Volcano and a trip to see sloths.

This country stands out for the variety of its flora and fauna; it has risen with the triumph thanks to the variety of experiences offered to the traveler. Thus, visitors have options as diverse as rafting on a river moving from La Fortuna, a private walk through the rain forest of Monteverde, or canyoning in Lost Canyon,”

The 10 best countries in the world for touristic experiences
1. Costa Rica: 4.66
2. New Zealand: 4.65
3. Vietnam: 4.62
4. Ireland: 4.57
5. Scotland: 4.57
6. Australia: 4.54
7. Portugal: 4.52
8. Mexico: 4.50
9. United States: 4.50
10. Iceland: 4.49

The five best destinations in the world for touristic experiences
1. La Fortuna, Costa Rica: 4.81
2. Kauai, Hawaii, USA: 4.79
3. Tromso, Norway: 4.77
4. Rotorua, New Zealand: 4.77
5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: 4.76

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