Costa Rica plans for increasing employment.

This is a very interesting article with a lot of information in it from AM Costa Rica.

Government presents plan to increase employment

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Economic Coordination, Edna Camacho, presented government plans for the generation of new types of work for young people.

“To tackle unemployment, which strongly affects young people between 15 and 25 years old, and stimulate inclusive economic growth, the government is committed to promoting policies that improve skills and facilitate access to high-productivity and high-productivity employment opportunities and better salaries,” declared Camacho.

According to this plan, the strategy is that young people will have a better job profile because they know more English or having knowledge in two professions. The government will improve the platform for those seeking employment and promote work from home, such as teleworking. The ministry published a list of technical guides for companies that want to implement telework.

Steven Nuñez of the Ministry of Labor, said: “We are prioritizing different initiatives that promote the employment of Costa Ricans. These include those that have to do with the improvement of the occupational profile of people through training in technical careers.”

The plan also seeks to improve the teaching of English in schools so that graduates have more job opportunities in companies where bilingual education is a basic requirement.

The minister of Public Education, Edgar Mora Altamirano, said that “we are moving forward in concrete actions to achieve a historic transformation in the teaching of the English language as an indispensable tool for educational success and employment, and in this way promote economic reactivation. ”

As part of this plan, the National Learning Institute will teach the English language to 35,000 people in the next four years. This represents an increase of 90 percent compared to the previous period. In addition, proof of language proficiency, known as BELT and TOEIC tests, will be certified.

The System for the Promotion of Employment is an online platform for job search created by the ministry.

Also included is an improvement in agricultural education, taking advantage of new technologies that until a few years ago were beyond the reach of schools, the government said.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo

The ministry published a list of technical guides for companies that want to implement telework.

“The adoption of precision agriculture introduces our students to the modern agricultural world, thanks to which we achieve: the optimization of the amount of agrochemicals applied to soils and crops, the reduction of the costs of production and of the environmental pollution, and the improvement of the quality of the harvests,” said Mora.

A new alliance between the National Learning Institute, the Chamber of Industries, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Business Alliance for Development, has been formed with the purpose of training workers in two professions. This is a pilot plan that will be developed with 15 participating companies, to be later replicated in other business chambers.

The dual of professions program would focus on areas such as food and beverage, energy efficiency, straightening and painting, among others, so that through this project this a dual employment mechanism will be strengthened, to raise the knowledge of young people and  them more hope of finding work.

According to this plan, the strategy is that young people have a better job profile, knowing more English, or having knowledge in two professions. And on the side of the government, improve the platform to seek employment and promote work from home.

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